Dear shareholders,

We have made a huge effort to keep you informed by sending you a plethora of information about Vuuzle TV, Clout9, DSP, SSP AVOD, VOD and how it is all working including our current strategies for making money with our streaming products.

Vuuzle Live streaming will be changing from its current version. Our current version on Apple and Android is not configured to work with all our other products. To connect this last piece of the architecture, we must bring the live streaming application to work with one very important element that will cement the app’s success:

Vuuzle Live must have the capability in our system to universally connect to any and all smart devices, enabling our average online user a way to easily broadcast their life and thus greatly increasing the amount of video captured on our OTT platform. Once the Vuuzle Live streaming application is properly connected, then we can monetize it using our DSP and SSP platform. No other live streaming service is connected to Live TV in the way we will be allowing users to stream online and become part of the N2U channel.

Applying the phrase “anytime, anywhere” or “control what you view”, users will be able to watch live broadcasts, whether on their PC or mobile device, in a matter of seconds. This strategy greatly increases the overall time spent streaming or watching digital video and keeps the users watching advertisements while connecting to the viral content.

To do this we will have to shut down the Vuuzle Live application so we can upload the new version alongside the Clout9 application. By doing this, it will allow us to connect all of our devices in a way that one application will support the other. Fortunately for us, our technical team has all the software connected accepted for the Vuuzle live stream application. With the help from Imagically, Castle Productions, and Bonk Marketing Trade and Promotions, the team will have the new live streaming application up before the end of the 3rd quarter 2019.

In the meantime, Vuuzle Media Corp will stay on course earning money from Vuuzle.TV, and its splash page as we begin the process of connecting Clout9 and the new and improved Vuuzle Live.

Similar to any other social media or content strategy, our new streaming application will be unique with new themes which is much better than before. Moreover, we will also be accepting cryptocurrency. The acceptance to the currency will become an additional huge money generator as the millennials and Generation X have lots of Bitcoin and Ethereum to spend.

In addition to all these great upgrades, Vuuzle will set in motion our newest site connected to the Vuuzle.TV splash page called is a content creation platform for brands and media outlets to crowdsource videos from engaged users across the globe. They simply create ‘Video Challenges’ and turn their content faucet on. Then, creators interact with the Video Challenges by uploading produced video, or live streaming stories right from their phone. Featured creators can win prizes, get digital distribution on major platforms, and get a direct connection to their favorite brands. Vuuzle will use the exchange channel on our platform to curate content for the N2U channel and many more.

In this email you will also find a document entitled: You Watch, You Give, and You Engage: A Study of Live Streaming Practices in China.

This document was made by a third-party but will accurately explain why we are incorporating the Vuuzle Live application into our OTT and Clout9 visual web. In general, Vuuzle streaming hardware all works the same way.

Both Vuuzle Live and Vuuzle.TV devices connect to both the Internet (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and your TV (via HDMI), streaming content from channels that are either free or require a monthly subscription.

Streaming requires a relatively fast internet connection — just how fast depends on the type of media you are streaming. A speed of 2 megabits per second (Mbps) or more is necessary for streaming standard definition video without skips, reductions in quality, or buffering delays. HD 4K and content requires higher speeds for flawless delivery: at least 5 Mbps for HD content and 9 Mbps for 4K content. Currently, we are communicating all the requirements with our staff that consist of:

Our current workloads consist of:

We hope this email we give will make you better understand what we are doing and how all this works. Remember to open the attachment and read the study on the live streaming practices

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